The heads of CBS would be wise to consider a behind-the-scenes Criminal Minds reality show.

Last week, star Thomas Gibson was officially fired from the show after an on-set altercation that erupted over a dispute with the writers — Gibson allegedly kicked a staffer in the leg as a result. And Shemar Moore, who starred on the show with Gibson for 11 years before leaving earlier this year, shared a brief-but-stern point in a since-deleted Instagram video: karma is real.

"Lot of birdies chirping out there. The gossip is real. I hear it. I see it," he says in the video, which has been uploaded to Twitter. "I'm sure a lot of you do too, so I'll just say this: I believe in karma. Good things happen to good people, honest people, hardworking people, humble people. People who believe in basic goodness, people who believe in themselves, people who believe in others."

"Treat people how you expect them to treat you," he added. "Just know that you're not better than anybody."

And the Criminal Minds drama may have yet to see its climax. Gibson, who originally seemed contrite after his firing ("I had hoped to see it through to the end, but that won’t be possible now," he originally said in a statement) suddenly appears ready to go to battle over the termination: According to E! Newshe's hired law firm Miller Barondess to pursue a case further.

Moore isn't out of the woods with other Criminal Minds associates, either. According to The Los Angeles Times, Keith Tisdell, a friend of Moore's who appeared as a guest star on the show in Season 8, stole more than $60,000 from Moore. Tisdell had been helping Moore with Moore's Baby Girl LLC venture, which raises money for multiple sclerosis research, and reportedly siphoned money out of Moore's pockets (and his cause). Judge Hayden Zacky ruled on August 10 that Tisdell must repay $61,084 to Moore to avoid jail time.

"I’m not here for money," Moore told Zacky during a sentencing meeting before a plea bargain was reached. "I’m here because he betrayed a friendship. This is not OK. You don’t do this to people."

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