David Guetta recruited some A-list talent for his song 'I Can Only Imagine' in the form of Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, and both artists appear in the futuristic video for the song. You'll be stepping into a sci-fi mini film -think a new version of 'The Matrix'- for the space of four minutes, thanks to trio.

The three pop music powerhouses rarely share screen time (they even filmed the clip over six different sets!), but that doesn't lessen the vid's impact. Guetta is positioned behind his rig and DJ set up, putting the pieces together for the song on an invisible touch screen. He's the digital puppeteer of the song, recruiting and assembling Breezy and Weezy as key puzzle parts. Watch and see!

There are also scenes of computerized body scans that seem straight out of a big budget action flick, too. It sure looks cool.

Overall, Breezy is more prominently featured than Weezy, dancing in a narrow hallway, changing outfits and wearing a pair of goggles on his head, as opposed to covering his eyes. For his parts, Wayne is clutching a skateboard and dropping his rhymes in front of a ramp.

We feel the need to issue a warning, though. You might need to take a Dramamine if you get motion sickness, since this video will shake you up and mess with your equilibrium, thanks to its pacing, the flashing lights and the way it was filmed in claustrophobic spaces.

Guetta, Breezy and Weezy -- should we call him "Gueezy" to keep it consistent? -- have pretty much insured that the DJ has another smash hit on his hands from his most recent album 'Nothing but the Beat.' The video might even lure a few sci-fi nerds with no interest in pop music to its lair to view it, since it's such a visual thrill.

Watch the David Guetta 'I Can Only Imagine' Video Feat. Chris Brown + Lil Wayne