DDG is fed up with the baby rumors. The Michigan rhymer recently told fans to mind their business when asked if he has a daughter with his girlfriend Halle Bailey.

DDG Responds to Fans Asking If He Has a Daughter

On Saturday (Dec. 30), DDG hopped on Snapchat to talk with his fans and answer some of their pending questions. During the session, the 26-year-old rapper appeared to be frustrated when someone asked him if he has a daughter with his girlfriend Halle Bailey.

"No," DDG affirmed before going on a diatribe about the nagging baby rumors. "I don't know why people are so invested in what I got going on or what we got going on. Bro, mind your business."

He continued: "Go outside. Touch some grass. Do a cartwheel in the backyard or something. I genuinely don't understand why do y'all be so invested in people that don't know you."

DDG encouraged his fans to focus on themselves and not celebrities.

"Whatever is going on in my life or her life is not going to change yours," he stated. "Let's focus on ourselves [in] 2024. Let's try to lock in ourselves, not other people. Please, mind your business."

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Fans Think DDG and Halle Bailey Welcomed a New Baby Following Their Christmas Videos

DDG is most likely frustrated with fans who believe he and Halle had welcomed a new baby over the holidays after watching several videos of them enjoying Christmas together. In one visual, posted on Dec. 25, DDG and Halle are baking Christmas cookies together. In the clip, which you can see below, Halle gets up from the table and walks away very slowly. This prompted fans to believe that the R&B singer may have recently given birth to her rumored child and is still recovering.

However, for the record, neither DDG nor Halle have ever confirmed that they were expecting a baby or announced they welcomed a newborn baby girl.

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Watch DDG address the rumors regarding whether he had a baby with Halle Bailey below.

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