No even halfway through the show and 'The Voice' is two for two! Up next was De'Borah from Chicago, a young hopeful who never quite felt like she fit in with the church-going crowd that she grew up with.

With a buzzed head and clad in salmon colored pants with a matching top and a teal shirt peeking out from underneath, it was clear De'Borah was different. Growing up in a church atmosphere with a voice gifted from the man upstairs, she was shunned from singing in the front lines of the choir. "'You don't look right,'" she said of her peers' reaction towards her. "So you can't stand in the front and sing. I'm originally from the church world, and my appearance became more than my voice."

"I want her to use her God given ability to float past," said her dad. "I can represent every misfit who thought they had to blend in to get the opportunity," added De'Borah. "I don't want anything different. All I want is that chance."

During her audition, she offered a different take on Train's still-addicting hit 'Hey, Soul Sister' by switching up the vocals to give it a different sound, and audiences around had to be at the edge of their seats waiting for the coaches to turn around. And at the last second ... Cee Lo, who seemed like a perfect match for De'Borah, and Christina turned their chairs around!

"I loved your swag and I loved your energy. You're a natural fit for someone like myself!" said Cee Lo. "I thought Adam would turn around because he has good taste, but I don't know what happened!"

"I had so much fun, listening to you. I love your outfit, so colorful, so poppy.. fun!" Xtina exclaimed.

But in the end, De'Borah chose Christina because of her voice. "I chose Christina because I'm a huge fan. 'The Voice Within' was the song where I realized that I was different," she said. 'Young girl don't cry...' that was the song that was in my head when she turned around."