De’Borah represented Team Christina on ‘The Voice’ tonight (Nov. 7) by bringing a staggering amount of heart and soul to her performance at the live playoffs. The former church singer performed her own version of Pink’s ‘Who Knew,’ rocking stunning vocals and dance moves to match.

“De’Borah puts De’Borah on everything she touches,” Aguilera observed, praising her unique and striking style. Yet she also mentioned that the soulful singer, ever the perfectionist, is often too hard on herself. “I hope she relaxes enough and finds the confidence in herself, which I know she has,” her coach remarked.

"I love the way you move," Cee Lo Green said. "It’s hip-hop and swagger, but there’s such a soul and gospel influence to your voice…I also feel that pain and it’s very compelling.” Adam Levine chimed in soon after, agreeing “There’s nothing regular about you…The voice is only as good as the soul that’s pushing the voice.”

In Aguilera's words, “You’re just so real and so raw. You just command the stage. No one in this show can do it the way De’Borah does it. I love all the passion and the heart you put into what you do.”

She's clearly impressed the judges, but it's up to America to decide if she has what it takes to move on.