Former church singer De’Borah advanced for Christina Aguilera’s team on ‘The Voice’ tonight (Oct. 8), meaning that Nelson Emokpae from Nigeria – better known by his stage name, Nelly’s Echo – was eliminated after an energized, emotionally-charged battle round.

Aguilera worked alongside Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong in order to get the singers ready for their performance of ‘Message in a Bottle’ by the Police. “These are two amazing, unique characters coming together from different backgrounds, but backgrounds of struggle,” Aguilera commented.

“Nelly’s got a great voice,” said Armstrong. “I think the song is tailor-made for him.” He then went on to deliver praise to De’Borah as well. “Even the mistakes you’re making sound amazing. I think this could be the best performance of the whole show.”

Nelly’s Echo was familiar with the Police song and connected to its message on a deep, personal level, feeling much like a castaway himself. De’Borah, on the other hand, was raised in the church and admitted to not having much exposure to modern music and pop culture. But despite Nelly’s Echo’s slight advantage, De’Borah was chosen as the winner.

“This is straight rock but your soul actually blew me away – you’re the clear winner today,” judge Cee Lo Green remarked. “You were like a boxer in there, just swinging, and I really got caught up in it. I would pick De’Borah,” agreed Blake Shelton.

Aguilera was faced with a very difficult decision when it came time to eliminate. She thanked both singers for their passion, and for taking the song and making it their own. "But the winner is De’Borah,” she ultimately declared.