Demi Lovato was a bridesmaid in her former babysitter's wedding recently.

The singer appeared in photos from Jenna Schubart's wedding, wearing subtle makeup and a black lace gown. According to a tweet from PopCrave, the dress was a $56 Bohemian Bridesmaid Dress from DH Gate.

She paired the inexpensive dress with a pair of extremely pricey earrings. According to a tweet, the simple studs seen in Lovato's ear cost about $112,800.

The "Confident" singer posted two selfies from the wedding. In her caption, she got nostalgic about her relationship with the bride.

"I was a bridesmaid yesterday for my sister/ former babysitter/friend of 23 years... I love you @jennaschubart. What a perfect wedding for a perfect couple!!" She wrote.

Lovato, 26, was photographed with Madison De La Garza, who appears to have also been part of the wedding. She referred to the actress as her "Baby sis."

The wedding took place in Florida. It appears to have been held on Sunday, though Lovato waited a day to post the pictures.

It does not appear she brought Henry Levy with her to the wedding.

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