Demi Lovato's forthcoming Tell Me You Love Me album — and a complementary documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated — will leave the singer completely bare, she says in a new interview.

Lovato, whose full-length YouTube film will drop on October 12, told Entertainment Weekly that it was tough to be herself while in her day-to-day life while cameras swarmed. Still, she learned to adjust eventually, she said.

“It’s definitely a challenge, because you just want to be completely open and free, and when you have cameras on you, you don’t feel like you can do that,” she noted. “But you get used to it. And once you get past that mentality, you forget the cameras are there and you’re able to be completely vulnerable.”

And vulnerability will be a cornerstone of her sixth studio album, too, which she'll release on September 29. She said this time around, she was happy to take some extra time to harness a sound that she was proud to stand behind.

“I think what’ll surprise fans the most for this new album is how R&B I’m going,” she said. “I have never really been so honest...You can just hear it through the lyrics. I think my fans are gonna know exactly who I’m talking about.”

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