Demi Lovato's highly stylized clip for 'Heart Attack' finds the singer going to extremes. It's also a sum of all the pre-release teasers. It's Demi with no makeup. It's Demi with smoky eyes. It's Demi with oil-slicked hands. And that's it.

She is somewhat makeup-free in the scenes with those interesting, oil-painted hands, which look like black gloves, paired against a stark white tee. She gets her sultry on with the smoky eyes, performing in front of a band in all black, her signature color. The black and white color scheme signify opening up and closing off, which we all do in relationships.

There's a fierceness and a fire in Lovato's eyes. She has the eye of the tiger when she sings, "If I ever did that / I think I'd have a heart attack."

Her intense stare has us under arrest -- cardiac arrest, that is.

We like the messy, dirty Demi. It's an example of not worrying about getting hurt and diving head first into love. The business of love is a messy, dirty one.