Busy gal and SELF cover star Demi Lovato called into Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show to touch on a variety of topics, such as her 2012 Teen Choice Awards hosting gig this Sunday (July 22), her working relationship with Britney Spears and whether or not she finds 'X Factor' co-star Simon Cowell hot.

However, an even more critical topic came up, via a Lovatic-submitted question. Will Lovato attend her pal Miley Cyrus' wedding? Will she be a bridesmaid?

Talk about being put on the spot by a fan! “I don't know when it is. I don't even know if she's planning it yet. I don't know,” Lovato said, rebounding quickly from that awkward question. The fan then asked, "Is bridesmaid out of the question?," to which Lovato replied, "I don't know. You gotta ask her."

So, yeah, Miley, what's Demi's status when it comes to your nuptials?

Lovato shot down the rumors that she thinks Cowell is a hottie too! "Oh my god. I don't know where you heard that from. That's ridiculous," she laughed. "I mean, he's a nice looking fellow and I know that the older ladies love him, he's not my type. We have a lot of fun together and you know, deep down he's a really cool guy."

She has a blossoming lovefest with Brit Brit, though. "She's amazing and I'm having so much fun with her," Lovato revealed. "You know, we obviously have both been through a lot so I think that we kind of just get each other a little bit. We're still getting to know each other of course, but she's just so much fun to work with, she's really genuine and she's kind of shy sometimes when the audience cheers for her. I think it's really sweet that she's so humble, but she's also really, really funny on the show."

We can't wait to see Brit in action when eps start airing in September.

The 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer also said "super excited" and "a little nervous" about hosting the TCAs since she only has one day of rehearsal. But we know she'll kill it.

Lovato is also working on her fourth album. "I haven't come up with a lot yet. I'm still experimenting with what direction I want to go in right now," she said. The status of the song 'Shut Up and Love Me' is TBD. She doesn't know it if it'll make the album but she is thinking posi. "Hopefully it will," she shared. "I want it to be released at some point in my life."

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