Demi Lovato's Canadian fan base was in for a special treat over the weekend when 'Born to Be: Demi Lovato' aired throughout the country. The heart-tugging special, similar to her MTV 'Stay Strong' documentary, touched on all of Lovato's highs and lows throughout her personal life and career, including the importance of her friends and family who helped see her through a dark time in her life that resulted with the actress/singer/'X Factor' judge checking into rehab.

Thanks to the handy-dandy internet, some clips from the special surfaced soon after its premiere so fans all over the world could see what the sweet and talented Lovato had to share.

"I lost control of who I was," Lovato admits in the special when talking about when she was 18 years old and became a person her friends and family hardly recognized. "I was very sick and I was performing shows on an empty stomach. I was doing a lot of things I wasn't proud of," she admitted. "I had kind of lost control of who I was and everything around me. I actually didn't ask for help, but I definitely knew that I needed it."

Lovato says she realized the treatment was working when she was starting to finish her meals "without a struggle."

"It was a really great feeling, knowing I was doing something that was benefiting my health and well being, rather than my career. This was time for myself and it really felt amazing to accomplish goals like that. They seem silly, like finishing a meal, but for me, they were very difficult, but I was doing it and I am still doing it to this day. It changed my life forever. I am getting strong and I am unbroken."

To see three lengthy clips from Lovato's 'Born to Be' documentary, click the button below. Fair warning, you may need to have the tissue box close by!

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