Demi Lovato isn't one of those fluffy Disney pop stars. In a new track from her 'Unbroken' album, as she asks 'Who's That Boy' with help from Dev, we can't help but notice how sassy Demi gets when she collaborates with the 'Bass Down Low' hitmaker.

Truthfully, this song would be fine matched for your local hip-hop station. It's got poppin' beats and a fresh sound that is perfectly fit for the dance clubs. Dev owns the intro, but when Demi jumps in, she does so with her own vigor.

In the opening hook, the 19-year-old sings, "Ain't no body know your name / But looking like you do could be famous / I could see us making ways / From the back of the club / To a bed in the shade," making a pretty clear reference to some naughty deeds.

By the time the chorus rolls around, we're more anxious than ever for album release day. Demi sings playfully, "Now I don't know who you are / But you look like a star / And everybody here be thinkin' / Who's that boy? / Wanna take you home / And get you all alone / And everybody here is thinkin' / Who's that boy?"

While we never do find out who that boy is, our interests are piqued. If 'Skyscraper' was gold, then 'Who's That Boy' is diamond-studded platinum. Demi may still be a teenager, but this song shows that she's wise beyond her years -- and knows that she can grab any audience.

We can't wait to hear what else 'Unbroken' will bring. The full-length album drops on Sept. 20.

Listen to Demi Lovato, 'Who's That Boy' Feat. Dev