When Dia Frampton sings, people want to hear it. That's how her coach Blake Shelton summed up his beloved protege when she performed the original song 'Inventing Shadows' on the final live shows episode of 'The Voice' tonight.

Frampton has mastered the breathy, vulnerable and ultimately tender tone, but this song allowed her to unleash a more tigress-like roar. Okay, maybe it wasn't a roar, but it was a head-turning, bold, in-charge vocal performance. Frampton played the piano while she sang, positioning herself as a hybrid of Tori Amos and Vanessa Carlton, thanks to her edge and her pop sensibility.

Frampton may be quiet and shy when not performing, but when she sings, she blossoms and becomes the center of the universe. In her pre-performance interview package, she mentioned that she recorded her last record in her mom's house and that you can hear the dishwasher running in one of the songs. Frampton was actually signed to Warner Bros. and subsequently dropped, so she is in a similar boat as fellow contestant Javier Colon, scratching and clawing her way to the top.

When Christina Aguilera teased Shelton about the choice of shadow boxes as stage props, since he did the same to her former contestant Lily Elyse, she asked a very pointed question: How can you get away with those distracting visual bells and whistles? "With a great singer like Dia Frampton, that's how," Shelton said, effectively ending that argument.

Shelton also said that his fellow coaches will be distracted when turning on their phones in 30 minutes and seeing Frampton's song sitting atop the iTunes charts, above their contestants. Zing. Thems fighting words, and this is a competition, after all. Shelton is that confident in his girl Dia.

And he should be. She and Colon are emerging as the neck and neck, clear favorites to be crowned 'The Voice.'

Cee Lo once again nailed it with his assessment of Dia Frampton's song: "It'll probably be No. 1 on iTunes again. You never cease to amaze me, you pretty little thing."

Watch Dia Frampton Perform 'Inventing Shadows' on 'The Voice'