Britney Spears has been under a bigger microscope than usual ever since joining the 'X Factor' panel. As a result, when she walked out of the Austin, Texas auditions last night (May 24), tongues immediately began to wag. What happened?

From the sounds of it, Brit just wanted a break! The singer sat through 10 artists and groups and sat out the final four performers. Maybe she wanted to call her kids!

TMZ reported that Spears was aggravated when a hopeful did a poor job of her song 'Hold It Against Me,' prompting her abrupt exit. However, E! Online assures that Spears just wanted to take a little break. All accounts said that Spears was charming and warm with contestants, even making the crowd go wild at the very first tryout when she politely disagreed with fellow judge Demi Lovato's opinion on a particular artist.

E! says that Spears only gave two "nos" to the potential stars, and that even then she was beyond kind, with her harshest comment simply being, "I feel like you need a new teacher to teach you how to sing." Is she the new Paula?

Brit, late Thursday night (May 24), squashes the rumors tweeting:

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