The general public's attitude toward Justin Bieber began a positive shift following his lengthy apology tour, and was punctuated with the release of his Jack U collaboration, “Where Are U Now.” Finally, adults were allowed to like Bieber without shame -- it's a sophisticated, catchy song that dominated pop radio only to be eclipsed by Bieber's just-as-good followup "What Do You Mean." The former even earned the trio a Grammy. It makes sense there’d be more Diplo/Bieber collaborations stored somewhere in the vaults, right?

Well, yes, actually. The producer recently confirmed he has another song with Bieber that hasn’t made its way into the public sphere, but it soon might.

“That guy’s a little beast..We actually have a crazy track that we never put out with him, like a rap song that you might see in the summertime,” he told Fuse at the Brit Awards. “He’s busy, he’s gonna promote his album for a long time. It’s hard with artists that big. Luckily we got ‘Where R U Now?’ out right before his thing started.”

While Diplo failed to mention the song’s title, we suspect it may be the R&B-inflected “I’ll Be There” that leaked online last month (January 15). Not only does the song transition into a dance track, but Bieber raps on it (seriously), making for a song that could easily fit in with his current Purpose era. Hopefully, Diplo's prediction proves true and the song sees a proper release this summer.

Until then, check out Diplo's comments in the video above, and listen to "I'll Be There" below.

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