There wasn't just one groundbreaking moment on television for the gay and lesbian community last weekend.

While Macklemore and Madonna were celebrating marriage equality on the Grammy Awards, the Disney Channel was making history of its own, introducing the network's first-ever same-sex couple and openly gay characters.

Sunday's (Jan. 26) episode of 'Good Luck Charlie' featured a lesbian couple, mothers to a preschool playmate of little Charlie. When a playdate is scheduled, the women arrive at the Duncan home to drop off their child, Taylor. After some initial confusion, references to their sexuality are pretty much shrugged off. "Taylor has TWO moms," Bob Duncan says, slapping his forehead.

The storyline was revealed last June, with a Disney spokesperson saying it "was developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness."

Miley Cyrus was one former Disney star who welcomed the change with open arms, taking to Twitter to share her enthusiasm:

The sitcom, which is in its fourth season, airs its series finale next month. Its finale will air Feb. 16 with a one-hour show.