While Donald Trump scrambles to "Make America Great Again" in 2016, his daughter — no, not Ivanka, the other one — once postured herself to make pop music great again. Or something like that.

Back in 2011, Tiffany Trump, the daughter of Trump and TV personality Marla Maples, attempted to kick-start a career in pop music by releasing a single — then 17 years old. A weirdly disjointed electro-pop tune, "Like a Bird," not to be confused by Nelly's incredible 2000 opus, "I'm Like a Bird," featured the would-be music star's vocals AutoTuned for the gods and set against a pulsating ambient beat. It was... bizarre.

"Diamonds are so shimmery / Special things uncover me... / Everybody's partying / Obsessing over crazy things," she sang on the debut, an ode to finding "serenity" amid what we can only assume was the craziness of living life as the privileged teenage offspring of a billionaire mogul.

Like the sort of music you may have come to expect from the Real Housewives of Bravo, the track, while relatively innocuous, simply wasn't very good or catchy enough, and certainly didn't make much of an impact at the time, unlike the pop jams of another famed heiress and hotel mogul's daughter.*

And so, much like her dad's failed forays into the steak, airline and magazine businesses, Tiffany's pop star aspirations did not make like a bird and fly off. However, it did get the attention of Oprah, who featured her in a 2011 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show where she talked about growing up in Los Angeles and her dreams of making music.

"I love music. It's more of a hobby right now but um, we'll see in a couple years if I actually do wanna take it to the next level as a professional," Tiffany told the iconic talk-show host.

Five years and one college degree later, it looks like her hobby will remain just that. Thankfully.

* For the record, Paris Hilton's debut album is an underrated gem of pop music bliss. A GEM, I TELL YA!

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