It was a long day for House representatives at Capitol Hill Wednesday (December 18) who met to vote on two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, who took office on Jan 20, 2017.

After hours of debates, the House of Representatives, voting on two articles of impeachment against Trump (abuse of power and obstruction of Congress), ultimately reached a 223 "yea" vote (with 216 votes needed) to impeach President Donald Trump based on Article I, abuse of power.

The House also reached a 221 "yea" vote on Article II, obstruction of congress, at 8:43 PM EST.

Trump was voted as the 45th president of the United States during the 2016 presidential election, winning the electoral college but losing the popular vote to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

His time serving as Commander in Chief has been one of the most controversial presidencies in the history of the U.S. A major keystone of impeachment proceedings was his involvement asking the Ukrainian government to undergo "investigations that would benefit him politically, including a probe into a company that employed the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, one of the president's chief potential rivals in his 2020 reelection bid," CBS reports.

Trump follows Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton as the only presidents to ever be impeached — in 1868 and 1999, respectively — since the Constitution was adopted in 1788. In 1974, the House voted to impeach Richard Nixon, who subsequently resigned.

At the time of the impeachment results, which were announced at 8:25 PM EST, Trump was reportedly attending a rally in Michigan. Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted and deleted, "Can you believe that I will be impeached today by the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, AND I DID NOTHING WRONG! A terrible Thing. Read the Transcripts. This should never happen to another President again. Say a PRAYER!"

As soon as the impeachment results were announcement, reactions from celebrities began pouring out across Twitter. See some reactions to the news, below:

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