The drama is back! Almost exactly a month since Drake Bell revealed that there was "no war" between him and Justin Bieber, the former Nickelodeon actor took to Twitter to once again comment on the Biebs' legal issues.

Posting a clip of an article presumably discussing the accusation that the singer attempted to rob a woman of her cell phone, Bell tweeted:

Yikes. Of course, Bell is hardly the first celebrity to call out the Biebs for his behavior, but he is one of the most prominent, repeatedly bashing the star on the social media site and getting into it with Bieber's army of Beliebers. Things seemed to come to a head when Bieber drove by Bell's record release party at the Grove in L.A., supposedly stealing the attention away from Bell. But according to Bell, what really went down was that Bieber tried to get into the party but was turned away since he was under 21. Hmmm.

As for the Twitter disses, it apparently doesn't look like they are going to stop any time soon. Drake Bell may be wondering when Bieber's behavior and repeated legal trouble is "going to end," but it looks like Beliebers are wondering the same thing about Bell's Twitter rants about their idol.

PopCrushers, whose side do you take?

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