In order to celebrate the launch of Google Music, many recording artists showed up to the T-Mobile-hosted launch party at Mr. Brainwash Studio in Los Angeles on Nov. 16. Drake, Busta Rhymes, Maroon 5 and Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heroes all performed at the event, while stars like Ashlee Simpson (who was with her new boyfriend, 'Boardwalk Empire' actor Vincent Piazza), JoJo, Christina Milian and Porcelain Black also attended the festivities.

Drake took the stage for an electrifying performance, and in one fan-recorded video from the show, the rapper can be seen performing his new 'Take Care' track 'The Motto.' He addressed the audience after the song, saying, "It's night[s] like this that make me appreciate my life. I love each and every one of y'all." In another video from one the crowd members, Busta Rhymes can be seen spitting his mile-a-minute verse from Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now.' Travie McCoy also took the stage with Adam Levine to perform 'Stereo Hearts,' and later Levine joined his Maroon 5 band members for a set.

Check out these pictures from the Google Music launch party in Los Angeles, and click here to learn more about Google's latest Internet feature for audio lovers all over.

Watch a Clip of Drake Performing 'The Motto'

Watch a Clip of Busta Rhymes Performing His Verse From 'Look at Me Now'