Sherri Shepherd is sending Drake all her old bras after her breast reduction.

The 56-year-old daytime talk show host recently underwent surgery to reduce the size of her bust and she's decided to add to the musician's growing collection of underwear thrown on stage by fans.

She told Entertainment Tonight: "These were all of the bras that I decided [to get rid of]. I found out that Drake is collecting bras that were thrown at him and he’s gonna auction 'em off.

"So these are all of my big-boob bras and I said, 'You know what? I was gonna give them to my girlfriend... but look, Drake needs them more than you do.'

"So I'm sending him a care package. And he's gonna be happy. These are grown women's bras, Drake.

"These are not 22-year-old women bras. These are not [from] them women going, 'Oh my God, you're so great!' These are grown woman bras with good credit, OK?"

The comedian described her boobs as her "calling card" for many years, but she felt the need to make a change as she got older.

She explained: "When I got on stage, when I walked through the door, everybody knew it was Sherri Shepherd. 'She got them tig ol bitties!' That's what they would say.

"But as I got older, they got heavier, and I was getting the grooves in the shoulders from pulling on my bra. My clothes weren’t fitting right, and, you know, my back was hurting.

"So it was not as comfortable as it was, and I said, 'Let me do this while I have some time to heal.'"

Now, the Sherri host feels "lighter" with better posture and "more proportioned" with her smaller boobs, while clothing is much easier.

She added: "Now, it's like no wardrobe malfunctions. It feels good. I feel more confident.

"There was a confidence when I had my boobs and it was a certain [kind of] confidence. But now, it's just a freedom.

"I can do more things. I ran across the street the other day and I didn't have to hold nothing!"

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