As a tribute to the Canadian hip-hopper's success in the rap game, PopCrush is offering up the Top 10 Drake Songs. The Grammy-nominated rapper-singer has a lot to celebrate following the release of his acclaimed album 'Take Care.' Mostly recently, he graduated from high school after dropping out 11 years ago to help his family financially (snagging a role on the popular teen series 'Degrassi'). But there's no need to "thank him later" -- with his second album going platinum, two sold-out tours and netting $20 million in the bank, Drake is plenty thankful. So take care and check out PopCrush's Top 10 list of the best Drake songs.

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    No. 10 on our Best Drake Songs list was a bonus track on the commercial release of Drake's 2009 mixtape 'So Far Gone.' On the track, the then up-and-coming Canadian rapper talks about his burgeoning success amid some amazing punchlines. "It's like, these days man, I'm booked and I'm busy / Dad named me Drake, folks named me Drizzy," he spits over a chopped-up sample of Coldplay’s 'Viva la Vida.' He later says, "I always choose dough like it's my only option / 'Cause money always knows best / Chain snatch flow, they say 'Get it off yo' chest!'" And yes, that is Lil Wayne at the end of the song giving props to his young protégé.

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    'Yamaha Mama'

    Feat. Chris Brown

    When this unreleased song surfaced online in May 2012, many thought that Drake and Chris Brown had teamed up to create an energetic party track. Oh, how wrong they were. Not only is the song dated, it's safe to say that a possible Drizzy and Breezy duet is out of the question. Their champagne-throwing brawl in June 2012 pretty much ensured that Drake and Brown will never set foot in a studio together. But for now, enjoy this summertime jam and think of the possibilities.

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    'Crew Love'

    Feat. the Weeknd

    Coming in at No. 8, 'Crew Love' features Drake rapping about the virtues of success and his brotherly love for the OVO family. Along with fellow Canadian artist the Weeknd, Drizzy gives a toast to his crew for sticking by him through his journey of newfound fame. "There's times where I might do it just to do it like it's nothing / There's times when I might blow like 50k on a vacation / For all my soldiers just to see the looks on all they faces / All it took was patience," he raps on the haunting track.

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    Feat. Trey Songz

    One of the best Drake tunes, this is the rapper's get-money anthem from his 2009 mixtape 'So Far Gone,' featuring fellow singer Trey Songz. The song boasts some great introspective lyrics from Drizzy as he yearns for success with his burgeoning music career. "Yeah, I want it all, that's why I strive for it," he raps on the sparse drum track. "Diss me, you'll never hear a reply for it / Any award show or party, I get fly for it / I know that it's coming, I just hope that I'm alive for it."

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    'Find Your Love'

    Co-produced by Kanye West, this emotional ballad help solidify Drake's female fan base. On the song, the Canadian singer talks about saving a blossoming relationship. "I'm more than just an option / hey, hey, hey," he sings over crushing drums and a downing-piano groove. "Refuse to be forgotten / I took a chance with my heart / And I feel it taking over / I better find your loving / I better find your heart." Drake shot a video for the song in Jamaica, which co-starred the bodacious model Maliah Michel and dancehall singer Mavado.

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    'Paris Morton Music'

    You might be familiar with this beat -- it's from Rick Ross' chart-topping hit 'Aston Martin Music.' Drizzy decided to remix the song and rename it 'Paris Morton Music' in honor of his muse, model Paris Morton. The Canadian rapper spits some crazy punchlines on this banging track. "I never threw away that paper with my Grammy speech / Because I haven’t hit the pinnacles I plan to reach," he says regarding his winless night at the 2010 Grammy Awards. Don't worry Drake, it won't be long before you bring several of those golden gramophones home.

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    'Enough Said'

    With Aaliyah

    Not everyone was happy to hear that Drake, along with producer Noah "40" Shebib, would be executive producing the posthumous Aaliyah project. Nevertheless, it's really great to hear the late songbird's angelic voice again on this tender ballad, recorded as a duet with Drizzy. The song further proves that Drake could possibly pull off an Aaliyah tribute album that even her die-hard fans would appreciate. 

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    'The Motto'

    Feat. Lil Wayne + Tyga

    This is one of Drake's most successful songs to date from his platinum-selling album 'Take Care.' The bouncy anthem, which features the ubiquitous acronym YOLO ("You Only Live Once") and quick-paced rhymes from Drizzy, Weezy and Tyga, became Drake's 12th chart-topping hit and extended his record of having the most No. 1's than any other male artist.

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    'I'm on One'

    DJ Khaled Feat. Drake, Rick Ross + Lil Wayne

    Technically, this isn't a Drake track, but his impact on this song is so impressive that we couldn't ignore it. From DJ Khaled's 'We the Best' LP, 'I'm On One' is one of the best rap songs of 2011. The anthemic track features Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, as well, but it's Drizzy's in-your-face rhymes that is the standout on this joint. “All I care about is money and the city that I’m from / I’mma sip till I feel it, I’mma smoke it ‘til it’s done / I don’t really give a f---- / And my excuse is that I’m young / And I’m only gettin’ older / Somebody shoulda told ya / I’m on one,” he spits.

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    'Take Care'

    Feat. Rihanna

    Drake's 'Take Care' is a moving ballad about winning and losing in the game of love. Over a soft piano groove and tribal drums, Drizzy and Rihanna comfort each other after enduring break-ups in their own relationships. The accompanying video -- with it's visually stunning imagery of slow-motion photography of animals and tribal dancing -- lives up to moody track, which sits at No. 1 on our list of the Top 10 Drake Songs.