With Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne ruling the rap universe right now, fellow Young Money superstar Drake is feeling the pressure as anticipation for his upcoming second album, 'Take Care,' is reaching a fever pitch. The rapper-crooner's collection is due in stores on Oct. 24, the day the he celebrates his 25th birthday. There's a strong likelihood he will also celebrate a No. 1 album if history repeats itself.

According to Drizzy, a deluxe version of 'Take Care' will also be released on the same day with bonus tracks like the Internet-leaked singles 'Headlines' and 'Marvins Room.' "I just want people to have great music," he tells Entertainment Weekly. "Music got me through a lot of s--t. I just want to give people enough to where they’re satisfied."

Among the collaborators Drake has teamed with on the album include his longtime producing partner Noah "40" Shebib and a special assist from soul legend Stevie wonder. "With Stevie it was a musical thing," he says. "I had a song that’s very powerful, it’s called 'Doing It Wrong' and Stevie boosted it to another level. 40 produced it, but Stevie has a solo on it that he plays. It’s a great piece of music."

As for critics getting an opportunity to listen to music prior to its released, Drake frowns at it. Apparently, he's not fond of music critics who prematurely review albums before they hit stores. "I just want people to be able to form their own opinion," he explains. "[The album will] drop in that fall season. I thrive in the fall. And I just want everybody to have that experience, whatever city you’re in, to listen to it in your atmosphere. Whether it’s in your headphones at the gym, or your car, however you do your music thing."

"I just want you to have that experience before you read how this beat sounds or this person’s favorite line or them saying what the worst song on the album is. Reviews condition people. At the end of the day, a lot of human minds are malleable."

What do you have against critics Drake? Are you trying to put us out of business?

Criticisms aside, Drake says 'Take Care' will be a mature album that will focus more about his hectic life now that he's famous and the trial and tribulations that comes with it. "This album is about living it and owning it and letting you know exactly what I go through," he says. "It's not Drake on 'So Far Gone' and it’s not Drake on 'Thank Me Later.' I can’t go back to the old me. It’s impossible. I’m proud of who I’ve evolved into, for sure."