Truth: Zac Efron totes makes us swoon. Those eyes, that smile ... Naturally we've pondered what it would be like to go on a date with the actor and what we would do. (However, we have a feeling that no matter what, we'd have fun!) What would your dream date with Zac Efron be?

Zac is often photographed at basketball games, so we wouldn't be surprised if he planned a court-side date. Is there anything better than cheering on the Lakers with Zac, whilst eating nachos? Yeah, we didn't think so.

The actor is often commended on his muscular beach body. One of the ways Zac stays in shape in getting is hitting the waves. A surf date would be super cute (Sun! Water! Cute surfers!) and we imagine Zac would be a pretty good instructor.

Any Zac Efron fan worth her salt knows that his character in 'The Lucky One' tracks down a mystery lady from a photograph. Of course, one of the clues in the photo is a lighthouse in Louisiana, and we think a trip there would be super fun! Reliving a Nicholas Sparks movie with Zac? Count us in!

From 'High School Musical' to 'Hairspray,' it's clear Zac's boasting some serious pipes. We would love to go see a Broadway musical with the actor. Sitting next to a talented actor in a dark theater, watching an amazing show? Best. Date. Ever.

What's your dream date with Zac Efron? Vote for your pick in the poll below!