There is, was and perhaps never will be a girl group that has hit as many snags, set-backs, stalled solo attempts and back-of-the-head punches as the recently defunct Danity Kane, a troupe originally born of Making The Band and dismantled, only to come together for a glorious reunion and almost immediately fall to pieces all over again after the departure of a beloved member (Aundrea) and a physical scuffle during a business meeting. But, hey! We got "Lemonade" at least. And now, the individual ladies keep on doing their thing.

Months ago, surviving members Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex announced a new side project: Dumblonde, an independent dance-pop duo due to dominate thanks to their "combination of their iconic blonde appeal, transcendent harmonies and powerful stage presence."

And then? Nothin'. Waiting. More waiting. A listening party in LA. Instagrams galore. Rehearsals. And then more waiting.

But now, it appears the the twosome is finally ready to take off, based on a slew of new posts across social media.

"7-17-15," the girls wrote on what appears to be the cover of their promised EP. (And yes, it appears that they are snatching their own wigs.)

Almost immediately after, the two posted two rather enticing song clips — the first serving fierce '90's club beats; the second a stomping electro production — both of which sounding like a total sonic 180 in comparison to anything they've done together with DK.

According to a VH1 report inside their NYC listening party earlier this month, the upcoming collection includes tracks like “White Lightning,” “Eyes On Horizon" and “Tender Green Life," with production by R8DIO, Dem Jointz and Candice Pillay — along with 6 music videos. (So, they've pulled a Beyoncé. Kind of.)

Rumors are swirling that the project's long-awaited lead single will drop on Friday (7/17), or perhaps even the full EP — but when it comes to a DIY Danity project, there's never any guarantee.


UPDATE: According to a new press release, the duo's debut album is called dumblonde and will be released in September. The pre-order will go live on iTunes this Friday (7/17).

Get excited: #THEBLONDEERA is nearly upon us.

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