Ed Sheeran penned an original song for the ‘Fault in Our Stars’ soundtrack and it is a serious tearjerker.

The ginger singer shared on Twitter that ‘All of the Stars’ will play over the end-credits of the film adaptation of John Green’s award-winning book. Considering the movie is going to be a giant sob-fest from start to finish, we can only imagine this hauntingly beautiful song is going to inspire a fresh round of tears.

The slow tempo of the piano- and guitar-heavy tune, paired with Ed’s soft voice, evokes sadness even without any imagery from or reference to the movie. The lyrics are sweet if not forlorn: “So open your eyes and see / The way our horizons meet / And all of the lights will leave / Into the night with me.” The chorus finishes with, “All of these stars will guide us home.”

The official music video is a simple compilation of brief frames from the movie, inspirational quotes, and super creative fan art. The British singer-songwriter makes an appearance just for a few seconds at the end, sitting on a leather couch in front of the fan art looking as sad as his song made us feel!

‘All of the Stars’ will undoubtedly be an emotional end to an emotional movie. Tissues at the ready, everyone.

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