We've collected Ed Sheeran's best, goofiest GIFs, which made us smile and swoon.

Sheeran not only has a knack for writing beautiful and unforgettable songs, he also is expressive with that face of his. We think his legion of fans will giggle and get weak in the knees from all these GIFs.

He specializes in grins, intense stares, rubbery facial expressions that sorta reveal what he is thinking and general bouts of cuteness. There are even a few shots of Sheeran with other famous pop peers.

So go ahead, indulge in a whole bunch of E. Sheeran GIFs.

Those haunting eyes.

Up close with Ed -- wonder what he is thinking.

Dapper with kicks.

H2O Ed.

Hoodie and specs.

I dunno!

He's pointing at you. Swoon!

So cute!

All smiles and giggles, lighting up a room.

Oh, hi, Ed.

Profile shot and face fuzz.

Goofy grinning.

Love those blue eyes and that artfully disheveled hair.

Is Ed sexy texting? Did we catch him in the act? Ooooh!

Oh, the drama!

Ed x Harry - whoa! We...can't...even. Too much awesome in one GIF.

Ed, can you see us?

Love that little lip trick. Ladies, did you melt yet?


Don't look up... oh wait, he did.

Wow, Ed Sheeran is a more of a looker than we thought.

Ed doing what he does best -- holding a guitar and standing behind a mic.

OMG, even The Biebs fangirls over E. Sheeran.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Caught in Ed's stare...

Turn around, blue eyes.