As if we needed another reason to love Ed Sheeran. Pop music's beloved ginger kid has a new BFF, and it's his kitten, Graham, a month-old feline that he adopted right before the cat was to be euthanized. 

So not only is Ed a brilliant songwriter, but he also saves lives! Thankfully, he swooped in and rescued the G-man in the nick of time.

He and Graham make quite a pair. Check out the pic of the mischievous twosome below. We can't decide who has better eyes!

Graham is already a hit with Sheeran fans. The singer even created a Twitter account for his fur baby. Follow Graham Shizza here. He already has almost 50,000 followers. Meow! It's certainly one of the more entertaining celeb pet feeds. His Twitter bio states that he likes his belly rubbed and Sheba food. That's not too much to ask for.

What a cutie! We're so glad Ed saved him.

You know who else is likely stoked about Sheeran adopting a kitten? Oh, just his tourmate and human BFF, Taylor Swift. She is a notorious cat lover. Perhaps Graham and Swift's cat, Meredith, can hook up for a play date while their human parental units work on songs.

Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?