Poor Ed Sheeran! For being such an amazing dude and crazy talented, he encountered some serious discrimination in the beginning of his career.

Some really rude labels made him think he would never be famous because he was "chubby and ginger." Whoa! That is seriously messed up!

He told SBTV's NCS (via 4music), "Every single label I had gone to at the time had told me  ['The A Team'] wasn’t a hit. They said this song wouldn’t work. And the fact that I was slightly chubby and ginger was not a good ‘marketing tool’ for them. So it did definitely feel like it wasn’t going to happen." Some of the most famous people in music history are certainly not lookers, so why would they get hung up on Ed's appearance rather than his talent? Either way, the 'Lego House' singer is definitely getting the last laugh.

Ed learned from his hardships and turned them into a learning experience. He continued, "But being an individual makes you stand out from the crowd." He certainly is one-of-a-kind!

Sheeran further explained the silver lining of the otherwise crappy situation, saying, "It's like if you want something so badly go out there and grab, just keep on doing it -- because there are people out there who do want it just as much as you do and there are people out there if given the opportunity to take my place, will, so it's just as important to keep pushing yourself and working at it." Hard work always trumps good looks!