Despite being on a much-needed break from the spotlight, Ed Sheeran surprised a nine-year-old fan of his when he paid her a visit at the hospital where she spends most of her time.

Melody Driscoll was diagnosed at birth with a rare neurological disorder known as Rett Syndrome, according to The Huffington Post. She’s unable to speak or to walk, though she is conscious of and understands what goes on around her.

Melody — who her family estimates has spent 80% of her life in the hospital — first became a fan of Sheeran’s after seeing him perform “Thinking Out Loud” on TV in 2014, according to a Facebook post her mother addressed to Sheeran. Her family immediately noticed a change in her demeanor whenever they played his music for her, which prompted Melody's mother to start a social media campaign in an attempt to get the “Don’t” singer’s attention. Sadly, he kicked off his social media hiatus soon after.

“The older Melody is becoming the worse medically she is becoming,” Driscoll told The Huffington Post via email. “A friend made a video of Melody’s story which everyone was sharing in hopes that Ed would see it, but shortly after he went on his social media break and never got to see it.”

A local police station soon lent the Driscoll family their efforts which helped the video go viral, catching the attention of Sheeran’s manager.

The “Tenerife Sea” singer then visited Melody on November 9 at Surrey’s Epsom Hospital, where he delivered an impromptu performance of his songs "Thinking Out Loud" and “Photograph” on a small, pink guitar.

“Melody is still on cloud nine,” Driscoll wrote to The Huffington Post of Sheeran's visit. “Whenever Ed’s name is mentioned she starts smiling and giggling and tapping our phones so we can play the videos of her with him to her. She then starts kissing the phone. It’s so sweet.”

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