Ed Sheeran recently took some time out of his busy touring schedule to visit a cancer-stricken fan who was unable to see him perform.

New Zealand resident Jess Wright was diagnosed with leukemia just weeks after purchasing tickets to see Ed in concert. Her illness made it impossible for her to see the "Don't" singer in concert, so Ed decided to make the trip to see her, instead. And it looks like she had an amazing time. Jess said, "I had butterflies, a lot of butterflies. He was just a genuinely nice guy and just real chill and down-to-Earth."

Jess' friends began a social media campaign in an attempt to get the singer to meet with her. They posted the hashtag #KiaOraEdPlsVisitJess all over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and clearly their efforts paid off. You can check out video of the visit above.

In other Ed-related news, if you have a "Sleep" playlist on Spotify and Ed is your number one artist on there, you're not alone. According to Billboard, Ed's song "Thinking Out Loud" is the most streamed song globally, appearing on more than 2.8 million sleep-themed playlists. According to Angela Watts, Spofity's VP of global communications, "Sleep' is one of Spotify’s most popular categories that people also use for general relaxation and to help themselves unwind." So thanks, Ed, for calming us all down.

Other artists who were popular choices for bedtime playlists include Sam Smith, with his hits "Stay With Me" and "I'm Not The Only One", and Ellie Goulding with her song "Love Me Like You Do."

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