Ed Sheeran, whose song 'The A-Team' was pretty much inescapable on radio for most of 2012, graced the Z100 Jingle Ball stage last night (Dec. 7) and may have stolen the show.

The redhead rocked a red Santa hat for his set along with his usual uniform: a long sleeved tee (this time bright green) under a short sleeved black one. (Dude, seriously, how adorable is he?) Amidst a mass of screaming fans, Sheeran broke into 'Lego House,' one of the more romantic tunes from his album '+.' (Incidentally, his guitar also had the "+" symbol etched onto it.)

Sheeran's acoustic, soft style could easily get lost in a huge arena if in the hands of someone less skilled, but his set was solid and his stage presence, however sheepish, was strong. Sheeran possesses a similar "aw shucks" quality as his 'Everything Has Changed' duet partner Taylor Swift, with one difference: His seems more genuine. He's not used to this yet!

"I'm very happy to be here," Sheeran smiled. He looked in awe of the huge crowd at Madison Square Garden. "Is everybody having a good time?" When he broke into 'The A-Team,' it was clear: Yes, they were!

Watch Ed Sheeran Perform 'The A-Team' at Z100 Jingle Ball 2012