If Eddie Redmayne wins a second Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards, don't count Caitlyn Jenner out of his acceptance speech.

The actor, who plays transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl, told E! News he's been actively following I Am Cait, and praised the use of her visibility for a wider conversation about trans issues.

"Her story is such a unique story and her position is so unique, but what I found wonderful about I Am Cait is that she's used it as a platform to really shed light on some of the more important issues within the community," he said. "...also educating people on the fact that her story is...a very unique one."

"If you don't have the wealth that she has, it could be even more complicated [with] access to health care and discrimination and all of those things," he added. "So I think [Jenner has] used her status incredibly well. It's really inspiring for me."

Though he's a straight, white man, Redmayne says he recognizes concerns that trans actors are still not routinely cast in leading trans roles.

"I think it's a really very valid discussion," he shared. "There have been years of cisgender success on the back of trans stories and certainly within Hollywood there needs to be more opportunity."

Check out the full interview, and be on the lookout for The Danish Girl, which hits theaters in November!

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