While doing press for their upcoming film, 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' stars (and most adorable off-screen couple ever) Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have undoubtedly been asked a ton of questions… but not yet one like this. 

When the duo sat down for an interview with Australia's 'The Project,' Garfield was asked the question that has been on everybody's minds: How does he make sure his, um, junk looks "appropriate" in the skintight Spidey costume?

While the bold question may have made another actor squeamish, Garfield took a cue from his alter ego and gamely answered it with his trademark sense of humor.

"It takes a lot of consideration because you don't want it to be overwhelming and also you don't want it to be underwhelming. You don't want it to intimidate and you don't want it to… the opposite of intimidate," he said, to much laughter. "So yes, there is thought, but ultimately you have to trust that what you have is enough."

Workin' with what ya mama gave ya -- we like that response! Of course, Emma Stone wasted no time in taking the question to a whole other level.

"Because with great power comes great responsibility," she added with a straight face, quoting Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man. Yep, she just went there.

But Garfield kicked his response up a notch as well. When the reporter followed up with the question, asking the actor about the "focus group" that checked it out to make sure it was suitable, Garfield put his GF in the hot seat.

"I had one focus group and that focus group was Emma," he replied, much to Stone's chagrin (cue the shocked expression on her face.) "She approved."

Of course she did!