Not that we need further proof that Emma Watson is the coolest, but this video of her accepting the Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year is still pretty amazing.

During the gala ceremony on Oct. 30, the actress accepted her prestigious award while remaining as charming and as poised as ever.

"The British film industry hasn't just been a workplace for me," Emma explained. "It's been the place that I grew up. It's been a surrogate family, really."

She continued, sharing an unexpected memory.

"A sweet, but slightly morbid, example of this is when on the first 'Harry Potter' film my on-set hamster Mille had a heart attack and didn't quite make it," Emma recalled. "So the set decorators built a small, mahogany ... hamster coffin. And it had a velvet lining and a silver plaque on the front ..."

While Emma took a moment to thank the people who gave her the award, she kindly added, "Rest in peace, Millie. This one's for you."

Watch Emma's sweet, heart-warming speech in the video above.

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