Emma Watson started a global conversation about gender equality after her passionate speech on the HeForShe campaign at the United Nations just four months ago. And this year, she's done it all over again.

Speaking at the U.N. today (Jan. 23), the actress was once again poised and passionate as she recalled the mind-blowing effect her initial speech (which has since gone viral) had on the world.

"I've had my breath taken away when a fan told me that since watching my speech, she has stopped herself being beaten up by her father," Watson explained, becoming visibly emotional at the recollection. "I've been stunned by the amount of men in my life that have contacted me since my speech to tell me to keep going. And they want to make sure that their daughters will still be alive to see [power and equality] economically and politically."

"It is my belief that there is a greater understanding than ever that women need to be equal participants in our homes, in our societies, in our governments and in our workplaces," she added. "And they know that they are being held back in every way because they are not."

Part of the solution is the launch of the 10x10x10 IMPACT campaign, in which governments, businesses, universities make "concrete commitments to gender equality," the 'Harry Potter' star explained. But what she really wants, Watson said, is to be able to speak to the "human beings" behind such institutions, prompting a discussion among men and women, young and old, to share their experiences of gender inequality and how to make a change.

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