Did anyone really think Emma Watson would stay away from the big screen for long?

The 'Harry Potter' actress recently announced she was taking a break from Hollywood to finish up her college education, but she has already got her next flick lined up. The Wrap reports that Watson will co-star with Ethan Hawke in the upcoming thriller 'Regression.'

Written and directed by Alejandro Amenabar ('The Others'), the movie's plot details are being kept hush-hush. The 'Bling Ring' and 'This Is the End' actress drops tantalizing hints that the film will show her in a whole new light.

"I am passionate about Alejandro and his work and am so happy to be collaborating with him," Emma said. "I'm really excited by the challenge my character presents to me as an actress. I can't wait to begin."

Amenabar returned the love fest. "Emma is a beautiful, humane, sensitive and very talented woman, and I feel very fortunate to be working with her. I'm sure that her long-standing stellar career has barely begun," he said.

The movie hits theaters in 2015, perhaps giving Watson enough time to finish up that English degree at Brown University before production heats up.

Her latest flick, the biblical epic 'Noah,' will be released in March.