Fake news program 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart' doesn't have musical performances often, but occasionally the show brings in big-name guests like Coldplay or Bruce Springsteen to play their new music. Last night, Esperanza Spalding stopped by last night to play tracks from her latest album, 'Radio Music Society.'

Backed by a talented band with a sizable brass section, Spalding played bass on 'Black Gold' and sang, "Hold your head as high as you can / High enough to see who you are, little man / Life sometimes is cold and cruel / Baby no one else will tell you so remember that / You are black gold, black gold."

Stewart chatted with Spalding after the first number, jokingly asking her whether he could join her band, even though he lacks any musical talent. Spalding replied, saying all that she required was being open-minded about music. "You have to have the ability to be willing to turn on the radio and open yourself to what comes out," she said. She finished by playing 'Crowned & Kissed' as the show ended.

Spalding's new album has received a large dose of critical acclaim. She's well on her way to being known for more than just being the girl who beat Justin Bieber at the Grammys.

Watch Esperanza Spalding Perform 'Black Gold' on 'The Daily Show'

Watch Esperanza Spalding Perform 'Crowned & Kissed' on 'The Daily Show'