"I f--k with myself more than anybody else," Banks declares.

She's back, alright.

Two years ago, the "Drowning" singer ushered in a downtempo movement on pop radio with her lush downtempo debut offering Goddess alongside a wave of talented acts adding their own flare to the "future R&B" sound, including The Weeknd, Tinashe and FKA twigs.

Today (July 12), the shadowy singer-songwriter's armed herself with an added layer of self-confidence and some new sounds on the fittingly titled "F--k With Myself," a sumptuous taste of her forthcoming sophomore record.

Banks went weirder, wilder and more experimental on this go-around — and even more f--kless, it seems. (Rihanna would be proud.)

"I used to care what you think about me," she offhandedly declares on the shape-shifting track, which recalls the skeletal beats and fluttery vocal gymnastics of FKA twigs and Fiona Apple, with a touch of the hip-hop production of Homogenic-era Björk.

"This song is about being your own best friend, your own mother and your own lover," Banks says.

In addition to "F--k With Myself," Banks also announced the release date of her sophomore record: September 30. (Her 2015 single, "Better," will likely also be included on the LP.)

The track was actually the last to be recorded for Banks' upcoming LP, which she explained came about after confronting (and/or overthinking) the fear of releasing a first song.

"I guess I was just venting," she explained to Zane Lowe in an interview today on Beats 1.

"My dear friend and collaborator Tim Anderson was in the studio with me. After I was done on my little rant, he was like 'Do you want me to read you some of the statements you just said?'...and then he said I said 'I f--k with myself more than anybody else.' It just felt so perfect for that day. I needed it so bad. It's funny that I needed it and I gave it to myself."

"I think music is so much fun, because you could really be every part of yourself in each song...this song is like the anthem of badassery to me."

Are you f--king with Banks? No matter: she's f--king with Banks harder than you ever could, anyway.

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