Fall Out Boy performed their Pulp Fiction-inspired single, "Uma Thurman," on The Today Show this morning (June 12), and it looks like Patrick Stump finally had those marbles dislodged from the back of his throat after all these years.

Believe it or not, that's a compliment. Stump has always been a capable singer -- he has great range, a dynamic tone and interesting inflection. But fans and media alike have ragged on his enunciation over the years, because at one point, the only way to discern the lyrics to a Fall Out Boy song was to read the liner notes. Someone even made a parody lyric-video for their hit "Sugar We're Going Down" that went viral back in 2006, because no one could understand what Stump was trying to sing. It was kind of his "thing," and not in a good way.

Thankfully, that's not much of a problem anymore. He no longer drops the last consonant of every word, and he seems less terrified to perform in front of people in general. It's a nice evolution, and the rest of the band follows suit. They're all in top form here, no easy feat when you're playing to a plaza full of fans early in the morning while wearing a leather jacket in 85-degree heat.

Can we talk about that for a second? Other than a shirtless Andy Hurley, the band all wore jackets of various material onstage, despite the intense heatwave the residents of New York City are currently suffering through. A quick side note: New York City heatwaves are more disgusting and unbearable than those found almost anywhere else in the country. Not only is it more humid than the inside of a cloud, but the increased temperature brings out the aroma of sweaty trash bags that line each city block, making for an all-around feeling of misery. The idea of wearing a leather jacket at any point over the next few months is unsavory, at best — which is why we could never be rock stars.

Check out the video of Fall Out Boy performing "Uma Thurman" above.