Far East Movement can supply hits with no problem -- their song 'Like a G6' was a total takeover. Rye Rye has proven that she's got musical swagger, too, but together, well, we're not impressed.

The two paired up for a new dance track called 'Jello,' and while it will get you wiggling (true to its name), it's not something we will ever find ourselves craving.

"Girl shake that Jello," the electro group chants pretty repeatedly throughout the track, while Rye Rye demands, "Keep that drink up in my cup." Like a true duet, when she declares that she wants to "pop pop," the Movement responds with "bottles" to clarify exactly what she's looking for.

We hate to be quick to dismiss a new song -- especially with two strong artists -- but 'Jello' is just unoriginal. We think this one would be best suited for the last call at the local dance club ... And nowhere else, please.


Listen to Far East Movement, 'Jello' Feat. Rye Rye