Since 'The Fault in Our Stars' gave us ALL the feels the first time around (and in every binge-watching marathon afterwards), it's only natural that some fans are chomping at the bit for a sequel. But what does Shailene Woodley think about it?

“Death is something that just comes, as is life,” Shailene told MTV UK. “And for us to create a sequel, I think is unfair to all the other people who have ideas in their head about where Hazel’s life goes.”

While it's tempting (and understandable) to want more and more of your favorite movie, we kind of have to agree with Shailene on this one. The ending of 'TFIOS' was a tear-jerker for sure, but we like the idea of leaving Hazel's next steps open-ended without a film spelling it out for the audience. While her character was very much based on a real person, we love how the character can live on in a different ways -- even without a sequel.

'TFIOS' fans, would you like to see a sequel happen?

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