Hey Rushers! We need you to weigh in on something: Even though all of the guys from Big Time Rush are equally awesome in their own ways, we want to know who the ultimate favorite member of BTR is.

Are you a big fan of Carlos? Or maybe James has stolen your heart? Perhaps you gravitate towards Kendall? Or is Logan just too cute to resist? Carlos is so cute, and James has a smile that could melt a glacier. Kendall is also quite handsome, and Logan is just absolutely adorable. But luckily, thanks to their stint on TV on Nickelodeon's 'Big Time Rush,' fans have been able to get to know them and can judge them beyond their looks alone.

Even though they play fictitious characters on the show, each of their personalities shines through. Carlos shows off his side-splitting sense of humor as the joker of the band, while James makes girls swoon with his charm and good looks. Kendall is the leader of the pack, guiding the fellow BTR members towards boy band glory, and Logan is the brains of the operation.

So, out of Carlos, James, Kendall and Logan, who do you have a big time crush on? Vote for your favorite member of Big Time Rush below!