"Hey, over there....little question..."

We're here in Las Vegas for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, where approximately five million acts are set to perform tomorrow night (May 22) — from Ariana Grande to Justin Bieber to Pink to Meghan Trainor to Rihanna to Madonna to Celine Dion.

Oh, right. And a certain Living Legend is set to hit the stage for her first solo awards show opening in almost a decade: Miss Britney Spears.

Ahead of the Millennium Award recipient's forthcoming greatest hits medley, we decided to poll the crowd — the crowd being dozens of superstar performers — to find out what songs they love the most from Brit Brit's Spearitual catalog.

As it turns out, "Toxic" seems to be the surefire winner — but you can't go wrong with the hit that started it all: "...Baby One More Time." (Mercifully, Bahari went in deep with some "Slave" and "Everytime" love.)

From Troye Sivan — who will be hitting the stage tomorrow night — to Keke Palmer to superstar producers RedOne and Alesso, we asked everyone to name their favorite Britney Spears song.

Find out their picks in the video up top.

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