Chris Brown is arguably one of the all-time best dancers in pop music (in our opinion, the only one who tops him is the King of Pop himself), and he has showen off his superior skills in many of his many videos. In celebration of his unbelievable dance moves, we want all of you Team Breezy members to vote on your favorite dance-filled music video Chris Brown has released.

Even though all of his videos entertain in some way or another, there's a crop of Chris Brown clips that are really wow with their intense and intricate choreography. First up on the list is Chris Brown's video for 'Turn Up the Music,' where Breezy hits a club and proceeds to make our jaws drop with his controlled and captivating moves. Following behind is the video for 'Yeah 3X,' another instance of Chris Brown blowing our minds with his poppin' and lockin', speedy steps and acrobatic abilities.

In the video for 'She Ain't You,' Chris Brown pays tribute to his biggest inspiration, Michael Jackson, with a series of choreographed routines that borrow some of MJ's signature elements. Speaking of signature moves, don't even pretend like you didn't try to learn that crazy knee dance from Breezy's 'Run It!' video.

'I Can Transform Ya' is another video that displays Breezy's control, as he executes robotic moves with a troupe of backup dancers. Finally, Chris Brown takes up back to roaring '20s in his video for the 'Gimme That' remix, bu his creative hip-hop-inspired dancing brings us back to the modern era.