Happy birthday, John Mayer! The singer-songwriter turns 35 today, Oct. 16, 2012, and in celebration of his fine-tuned musical skills, we're asking all of you enthusiasts to vote on your favorite John Mayer solo single.

The world first got a taste of John Mayer's breathy vocals and guitar prowess in 2002, when the Connecticut native released his debut album 'Room for Squares.' For his lead single, Mayer went with 'No Such Thing,' an uptempo, pop-rock song about a soon-t0-be high school graduate and the struggles that come with figuring out which path in life to take. Then came 'Your Body Is a Wonderland,' which left females weak in the knees from the romantic lyrics and sweet, melodious tune. Mayer's last 'Room for Squares' single came with the bluesy 'Why Georgia,' which showed off Mayer's contemplative songwriting yet again.

After the success of 'Room for Squares,' fans were hungry for more, and not even a year after his debut album impacted, Mayer released his sophomore follow-up 'Heavier Things,' which basically shot straight to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. While his first two singles, 'Bigger Than My Body' and 'Clarity,' failed to chart high, his third official release, the beautiful ballad 'Daughters,' brought more Billboard achievements that Mayer had really saw, hitting No. 2 on the AC singles chart and No. 1 on the Adult Top 40.

For some time post-'Heavier Things,' Mayer was fronting his eponymous trio, but soon went solo again with the release of 'Continuum' in 2006. 'Waiting on the World to Change' had fans giddy at Mayer's independent comeback, and he kept their excitement up with a stream of singles including 'Gravity,' the Ben Harper-featured 'Belief,' 'Dreaming With a Broken Heart,' and his highest-impacting single to date, 'Say' (peaked at No. 12 on the Hot 100). Then, in 2009, Mayer dropped 'Battle Studies,' and with it singles like 'Who Says,' 'Heartbreak Warfare,' 'Half of My Heart' (with ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift) and 'Perfectly Lonely.'

Mayer's most recent release is 'Born and Raised.' The country-inspired, twangy 'Shadow Days' and the vintage-sounding, slide guitar-laden 'Queen of California' are the only singles he's released so far, but they're definitely a good showing for the album as a whole.

Which John Mayer song is your favorite? Vote below and be sure to wish him a "Happy birthday!" in the comments, as well.