Differentiating hairstyles and colors are always a great way for pop stars to change up their look, and over the years, Rihanna has had so many hairdos we couldn't even fit them all in this readers poll. However, we did go through all of Rihanna's hairdos from the start of her career up until the present day, and we want all of you Navy members to vote on which look is your favorite.

If you direct your attention to the picture above, first you'll see Rihanna with her most current of cute 'dos, a short, black pixie haircut that is very Mia Farrow in 'Rosemary's Baby.' Next, you'll see RiRi with longer hair, with cascading curls and side-swept bangs giving the Bajan beauty an old Hollywood glam vibe.

Then we've got fiery red Rihanna, and we've got to say that this blazing color looks absolutely amazing on her. Few people could pull off that color, but Ri does it well in two very different styles, with the first longer version consisting of big curls and suicide rolls, while she opted for a shorter 'do with longer bangs in the front -- it's like a mohawk that she let fall flat instead of spiking it up.

Next on the grid is Rihanna with her platinum blond locks, straightened with bangs. She looks gorgeous as a toehead , but does it beat her natural, wild and wavy brown curls? And finally, we've got Rihanna in 2010 with her spiked up, golden blond hair (there's much more mohawk going on here) and Rihanna's two-toned hair that is cut shorter and swept to one side (kind of like the aforementioned red hairdo).

Take a good hard look at all of these Rihanna hairdos and vote on your favorite below!