Both got their start on 'X Factor,' and both have come a long way since their days on reality TV, but which new girl group do you like best? Fifth Harmony or Little Mix?

Since Little Mix have a few years on Fifth Harmony, they have a full-length album ('DNA') of songs to get your groove on to, like the hand-clapping, foot-stomping romper 'Wings' and the sassy, R&B-inspired jam 'How Ya Doin',' featuring a guest verse from non other than Missy Elliott! On the other hand, while the ladies of Fifth Harmony work on their debut LP, they are also promoting a couple of new singles ('Miss Movin' On' and 'Me & My Girls') and have become famous for their amazing covers of tracks like Taylor Swift's 'Red.'

Although they are both pop vocal groups who often sing about female empowerment, their overall sounds differ a bit. While Fifth Harmony seem to be going for a more contemporary dance-pop sound with EDM influences, Little Mix have a definitive R&B influence on many of their boisterous tracks, taking it back to the '90s on singles like 'How Ya Doin'.'

If it's too tough to make a decision based on music alone, check out the style each girl group goes for. The five ladies of Fifth Harmony -- Lauren, Camila, Dinah, Normani and Ally -- tend to dress sweet and a tad sexy in their cute dresses, skirts, crop tops and skinny jeans, and the girls of Little Mix are a bit edgier with their style. Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne and Jade are known for dying their locks crazy colors, and they often mix up their wardrobes with sexy things like thigh-high tights, while balancing it out with tomboy items like combat boots.

So, which girl group are you digging the most lately? Fifth Harmony or Little Mix? Check out their latest music videos below and vote!

Watch the Fifth Harmony 'Miss Movin' On' Video

Watch the Little Mix 'How Ya Doin'' Video Feat. Missy Elliott