When Directioners first got their hands on the demo track ‘Just Can’t Let Her Go' last year, the One Direction half of the Internet exploded. There was excitement, elation and meltdowns of the extreme kind. It was only a brief snippet and it sounded like it had been recorded through a '90s boom box that lay dormant at the bottom of the ocean, but it was enough to mollify fans until more information about ‘Midnight Memories’ came out.

Sadly, ‘Just Can’t Let Her Go’ never made the album cut, so fans have nothing more than that minute and a half snippet of greatness. The good thing? A Finnish pop star named Isac Elliot took the track and recorded his own version of it.

It may no longer be Zayn Malik leading the chorus with his unmatched vocal prowess, but at least we have a chance to hear the song in its full glory so we know we weren’t just imagining it into existence out of desperation for new music.

Check out One Direction's version of 'Just Can't Let Her Go' above, and Isaac's version of the track below! Do you prefer one over the other? Let us know your thoughts!

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