It looks like 'Let It Go' may be replacing 'Let It Snow' this holiday season.

The 'Frozen' craze has officially reached maximum levels of pandemonium, and now that we're approaching Christmas, the obsession is only growing. Case in point? This insanely epic Christmas lights display set to sweet sounds of Idina Menzel singing 'Let It Go.'

Thanks to the light display genius that is YouTuber ListenToOurLights -- note his totally fitting Clark Griswold icon -- we don't have to live in Texas to enjoy the spectacle that is his home. His house (which is fitted with an vast array of festive lights, including sparkling snowflakes, lit-up trees and even one glowing green cactus) is basically a wonder to us all, especially as all of the lights perfectly synch up with the epic 'Frozen' number.

Of course, our favorite part of the display is the flawless build-up to the song's bridge -- and once Idina delivers, the lights go wild, practically blinding us (in the best way possible) with the illumination.

Almost more impressive than the entire display, however, is the fact that it apparently costs just $6 to run the display's electricity for the whole season. That is some serious Christmas cheer.

Check out the epic 'Frozen' Christmas lights display in the video above!

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